Saturday, 3 October 2009

we're SO 80's

dresses: topshop, vintage, vintage!

long sleeved sparkly mini dress with shoulder pads: vintage, pumps: nine west

We had such a fun predrink on Thursday at Kay's beautiful flat. We watched Sex and the City and sipped on cocktails and wine and gushed over all the gorg clothes in the movie (we had all the seen it so many times before). Then we headed to the bar, cut the line, got lollipops and had such a fun girls night dancing the night away!

Laura "You dance just like Britney Spears!" the rest of the girls "OMG you do!" hahaha

Last night just stayed in Fallowfield and went to BAABAR!

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  1. glad i came across your blog!

    looooove this dress. like amazingg