Saturday, 31 October 2009


Just waiting for my spooky Halloween cupcakes to cool as I make this post (before I decorate them) and get ready for Kay's party! I wish there was pumpkin picking here- then we'd get to carve the pumpkin and toast the seeds mm

Thought I'd look back at a few Halloween costumes over the years of undergrad with my old housemates:

Halloween 2005- 80's girl

Halloween 2006- dressed as pimp's

 Halloween 2007- cupid!

We were celebrations- christmas (angel), birthday (present), easter (bunny) and valentine's day (cupid)

Halloween 2008- prom queen's from different era's

Halloween 2008- baseball player!

We all dressed up as different types of athletes

I truly love playing dress-up! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!

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