Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I just think I'm freeee

 gold bird earrings: topshop, beige cardigan: old navy, victorian style necklace: (aka the 'laura secord necklace) mom's?, shirt: store in hamilton, skirt: silence + noise (from urban outfitters), skinny belt and grey wool tights: primark, shoes: the office, glasses: fendi

Oh Mondays. Couldn't be bothered to put my contacts in due to weekend exhaustion so I was dawning the glasses look. Better with or without? Appropriate for classes but I hardly wear them out! And that was the whole point in getting nice frames...

I've always been a big teal fan. Looks like LV, Versace, Balenciaga, Marni, Valentino and Marc Jacobs to name a few are too as this colour was on many of the models in their autumn 09 collections!
I picked up this skirt ages ago though around Christmas time; still love how I can transition it for day and night and practically all seasons.

Today we went out for lunch on our break to the Nando's in Fallowfield (mm peri-peri style chicken) -been meaning to try it as I've heard rave reviews from the other girls. We're starting to get a bit stressed about our term papers already as our lecturers seems to be hinting that we should start on the researching and topic ideas now (aren't due till December) but it's really hard when it's only week 4 and we haven't learned all the material yet! Plan is to have Wednesdays as our dedicated study days to prep from now on...

Exciting news: booked the AMSTERDAM trip today from Nov 5-8!!!! YAY!

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  1. love the outfit especially those shoes i really want some x