Thursday, 8 October 2009

feeling grey?

grey leather bomber jacket: bikbok (nearly 2 years old!), light brown dress: stolen from my sister's closet, skinny brown leather belt: h&m, scarf: camden market, plum lipstick, pearl and chain charm bracelet: h&m, grey wool tights: primark, silver shoes: salt and pepper (also old!), wooden hand-made ring: little shop in montreal, canada

I think grey is a great alternative to the traditional black leather jacket and leggings...although I have both- it's nice to be able to switch it up and mix and match the two hues!
People sometimes worry about grey looking too casual, but it's all how you pair it and it's the perfect colour for the autumn months ...and Manchester weather for that matter!

Stella McCartney Fall 09 line

My girl Whit mixing some black leggings with a grey monrow vest (and some amazing topshop shoes and a cream quilted chanel bag!)

On a little side note: in fashion marketing today we watched a video on GUCCI and I just have to say I love Tom Ford!!! The man's a genuis.

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  1. Hey a canadian girl living in Manchester! The weather in winter has to be quite different, isn't it?

    How you say in this post, who doesn't feels grey sometimes? In my case usually when it's grey and raining outside my feelings are exactly like that. Hate it!

    Thanks for your comment!!!