Monday, 12 October 2009

my pumpkin pie

definition of some autumn fashion to me.

alexa chung-inspired mulberry. great colour for october.

just love this picture.

Hope everyone back in Canada is having a great long weekend!!!!
I'm not gonna lie I was feeling a little homesick because I knew all my friends from TO were home for the holiday, all reunited, and it's weird to think my family was enjoying a turkey dinner without me!
Mmm I truly miss pumpkin flavoured things- like TCBY's frozen yogurt and starbucks pumpkin spice lattes! They just don't have any of that here.

beaded cardigan: topshop, gold necklace: my grandmothers, grey skinny jeans: express, black tall leather boots: vintage (pop boutique)

This outfit is very simple, perfect for "wearing to uni" as the girls would say, I think the orange detailing in my new topshop sweater made me feel more thanksgiving-y (even though I'm all the way in the UK)

Today there was some power outage at the main campus which affected Hollings too so we got out of our last class early; went into the city centre, just window shopping and browsing (sometimes very hard for us to do), then went to GBK- gourmet burger kitchen- sooo delicious! I absolutely love it!! You can literally get anyyyy type of burger (veggie for me of course) with any additional topping you want (mm avocado!). I've now been to the one in Bristol, Leeds and then imagine my delight to discover the one in Manchester too!
WOW a lot about food in this post...I guess I'm hungry again haha!

Just got back from dance fitness and street dance classes- loving that they are just around the corner from me! Since it was the first week they were absolutely PACKED though and so hot (and I mean literally).

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  1. Dance fitness? That sounds like so much fun!

    Thank you so much, sweetie! I have a Canon EOS 450D - and I love it too!