Friday, 30 October 2009

fight (x4) for this love

Been meaning to post these pics from Cheryl Cole's new single; outfits that the girls and I have been obsessing over since the video was released! Those of you from Canada/outside of the UK may not be that familar with her (Girls Aloud star and X-factor judge). She's all over the media here - loving the miltary style jacket and hat, leather leggings, Balmain jewelled and lace cut-out dress, Alexander McQueen striped sweater dress... OK, so what if it's a little 'dated' and the Balmain style is becoming oh-so-predictable I still can't help but love these looks and Cheryl looks fierce! (minus the leopard print pj-looking bottoms...)

I think my favourite look of her's is actually towards the end of the video in the 80s-inspired sequin jacket with the pointed shoulders and side swept hair. What's your personal fav?

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