Friday, 23 October 2009


It's my friend's birthday tonight and it's a fairytale theme; "fancy dress" as they call it I bought fairy wings, a wand and some pom-pom's (to put on some flats) to throw together a very last minute Tinkerbell costume!

Chanel has got to be one of my top brands of all time and Karl Lagerfeld just keeps on bringing it to us! Here's a few pieces from the R2W spring/summer '10 show in Paris Fashion Week.

This whole scene reminds me a whimsical, far-away place, almost like a fairytale. Maybe it's the clogs, pale pinks, silk ribbons, flowers in their hair or the fact that the set takes place in a barn. Hansel and Gretel seems to come to mind...

It's Friday so I like to make weekend to do lists:
  • finish reading fashion brands book
  • look through fashion marketing and clothing tech books (need to stop renewing them at the lib)
  • jot down notes from marketing books on LV
  • research on LV (get background info)
  • do my cultural web + 3 layers part for project
  • know what company (idea) for marketing term paper
  • research methods quiz in tutorial next week
  • shop/buy things for Madonna costume
  • get agenda/folders
  • organize hand-outs
(Good to write it all down so I remember and feel like I accomplished things at the end of it!)


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  1. Love all these romantic, magical looks!