Thursday, 22 October 2009

lucky star

"You may be my lucky star but I'm the luckiest by far" ...guess that artist!

leopard print hairband: H&M, shirt: kimchi & blue (from urban outfitters), belt: mom's old (vintage), black skirt: costa blanca, bangles: primark, wet look leggings: vintage, flats: primark

We were actually productive on our breaks between classes today; chose Louis Vuitton as our company for our presentation in marketing next week and assigned parts, plus did a bunch of student rep things (made a facebook page, contact sheets etc.) and presented it in front of our class in tutorial!
A lot of people in the program seem super interested in me organizing a charity fashion show here and helping out! Woo INFUSION all over again but more fashion student help as loads of them have their own lines that they want to showcase. It'll be good! Gotta get organizing and set up a meeting soon for those interested!! Ah I love this stuff.

Just a little inspiration for my Halloween costume:
...takes me back to when I was little and we had the entire box set of her 80's music video's and I would watch them over and over again.

Although maybe I should consider being Shakira for Halloween because I've now gotten approached a few times and asked if I'm Spanish and Shakira references. Just yesterday Lucy and I were walking back from lunch at Krobar through Curry Mile and a group of boys sang "Shakira Shakira" hahaha.

Thought I'd do my own little comparision for fun because anything to procrastinate actually doing school work right? What do you think?