Tuesday, 27 October 2009

rip it real good.

 bird/feather headband: gift, black t: american apparel, cardigan: aritzia, leopard print skirt: mendocino, ripped tights: DIY, knee socks, shoes: the office

I think I aced my quiz in research methods today (see, those sociology skills do come in handy!) and good thing Kay and I managed to memorize those work packages late last night. Our 2 and a half hour break flew by today cause a group of us went to Fusion for noodles. Tuesday lunches out are becoming a tradition...but a costly one! We were talking forever about trying to define each others fashion styles:
Kay: so classy/chanel
Laura: girly and feminine
Huma: sophisticated and classic
Ray: put together and tailored
Cindy: colourful and funky
Lucy and I were much harder to describe! Apparently I'm vintage-y, boho, rocker chic? Just a mix of everything I guess. Lucy is gossip girl-ish (Blair) and trendy I think.

A few people are coming over to watch Hocus Pocus tonight- LOVE this movie and perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit!

Tomorrow we'll be at the library all today preparing for the big Louis Vuitton presentation! The 4 of us had the brillant idea of making shortbread cookies afterwards, with chocolate icing spelling out the LV and monogram symbols. Not only will this be an interactive thing to give out to the class but it will also symbolize brand identification and JP (our prof) will love it! haha