Saturday, 31 October 2009


Just waiting for my spooky Halloween cupcakes to cool as I make this post (before I decorate them) and get ready for Kay's party! I wish there was pumpkin picking here- then we'd get to carve the pumpkin and toast the seeds mm

Thought I'd look back at a few Halloween costumes over the years of undergrad with my old housemates:

Halloween 2005- 80's girl

Halloween 2006- dressed as pimp's

 Halloween 2007- cupid!

We were celebrations- christmas (angel), birthday (present), easter (bunny) and valentine's day (cupid)

Halloween 2008- prom queen's from different era's

Halloween 2008- baseball player!

We all dressed up as different types of athletes

I truly love playing dress-up! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!

Friday, 30 October 2009

fight (x4) for this love

Been meaning to post these pics from Cheryl Cole's new single; outfits that the girls and I have been obsessing over since the video was released! Those of you from Canada/outside of the UK may not be that familar with her (Girls Aloud star and X-factor judge). She's all over the media here - loving the miltary style jacket and hat, leather leggings, Balmain jewelled and lace cut-out dress, Alexander McQueen striped sweater dress... OK, so what if it's a little 'dated' and the Balmain style is becoming oh-so-predictable I still can't help but love these looks and Cheryl looks fierce! (minus the leopard print pj-looking bottoms...)

I think my favourite look of her's is actually towards the end of the video in the 80s-inspired sequin jacket with the pointed shoulders and side swept hair. What's your personal fav?

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

rip it real good.

 bird/feather headband: gift, black t: american apparel, cardigan: aritzia, leopard print skirt: mendocino, ripped tights: DIY, knee socks, shoes: the office

I think I aced my quiz in research methods today (see, those sociology skills do come in handy!) and good thing Kay and I managed to memorize those work packages late last night. Our 2 and a half hour break flew by today cause a group of us went to Fusion for noodles. Tuesday lunches out are becoming a tradition...but a costly one! We were talking forever about trying to define each others fashion styles:
Kay: so classy/chanel
Laura: girly and feminine
Huma: sophisticated and classic
Ray: put together and tailored
Cindy: colourful and funky
Lucy and I were much harder to describe! Apparently I'm vintage-y, boho, rocker chic? Just a mix of everything I guess. Lucy is gossip girl-ish (Blair) and trendy I think.

A few people are coming over to watch Hocus Pocus tonight- LOVE this movie and perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit!

Tomorrow we'll be at the library all today preparing for the big Louis Vuitton presentation! The 4 of us had the brillant idea of making shortbread cookies afterwards, with chocolate icing spelling out the LV and monogram symbols. Not only will this be an interactive thing to give out to the class but it will also symbolize brand identification and JP (our prof) will love it! haha

Monday, 26 October 2009

patterned tights

flower headband: lemon, pearl earrings, brown leather bracelet: italy; rest prinkmark, top: F21, oversized chunky knitted cardigan: primark, high waisted jean skirt: mendocino, tights: H & M? shoes: topshop

I've always been a BIG fan of patterned tights and have been wearing them for years...try adding some fun and funk to your next outfit!

Can't believe Danny was in the bottom 2 on X-factor last night! (Yes I'm now addicted to watching the show along with the rest of Britain). My flatmate had some friends over to watch it and afterwards we finally explored some more bars in Fallowfield!

Friday, 23 October 2009


It's my friend's birthday tonight and it's a fairytale theme; "fancy dress" as they call it I bought fairy wings, a wand and some pom-pom's (to put on some flats) to throw together a very last minute Tinkerbell costume!

Chanel has got to be one of my top brands of all time and Karl Lagerfeld just keeps on bringing it to us! Here's a few pieces from the R2W spring/summer '10 show in Paris Fashion Week.

This whole scene reminds me a whimsical, far-away place, almost like a fairytale. Maybe it's the clogs, pale pinks, silk ribbons, flowers in their hair or the fact that the set takes place in a barn. Hansel and Gretel seems to come to mind...

It's Friday so I like to make weekend to do lists:
  • finish reading fashion brands book
  • look through fashion marketing and clothing tech books (need to stop renewing them at the lib)
  • jot down notes from marketing books on LV
  • research on LV (get background info)
  • do my cultural web + 3 layers part for project
  • know what company (idea) for marketing term paper
  • research methods quiz in tutorial next week
  • shop/buy things for Madonna costume
  • get agenda/folders
  • organize hand-outs
(Good to write it all down so I remember and feel like I accomplished things at the end of it!)


Thursday, 22 October 2009

lucky star

"You may be my lucky star but I'm the luckiest by far" ...guess that artist!

leopard print hairband: H&M, shirt: kimchi & blue (from urban outfitters), belt: mom's old (vintage), black skirt: costa blanca, bangles: primark, wet look leggings: vintage, flats: primark

We were actually productive on our breaks between classes today; chose Louis Vuitton as our company for our presentation in marketing next week and assigned parts, plus did a bunch of student rep things (made a facebook page, contact sheets etc.) and presented it in front of our class in tutorial!
A lot of people in the program seem super interested in me organizing a charity fashion show here and helping out! Woo INFUSION all over again but more fashion student help as loads of them have their own lines that they want to showcase. It'll be good! Gotta get organizing and set up a meeting soon for those interested!! Ah I love this stuff.

Just a little inspiration for my Halloween costume:
...takes me back to when I was little and we had the entire box set of her 80's music video's and I would watch them over and over again.

Although maybe I should consider being Shakira for Halloween because I've now gotten approached a few times and asked if I'm Spanish and Shakira references. Just yesterday Lucy and I were walking back from lunch at Krobar through Curry Mile and a group of boys sang "Shakira Shakira" hahaha.

Thought I'd do my own little comparision for fun because anything to procrastinate actually doing school work right? What do you think?

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

milano oh ooh!

Spring/Summer '10  Collections

Some of my personal favs:  

ARMANI: loving the blue hues, blazers, belts, slick trousers and silk!

FENDI: neutral tones, skinny belts, ruffles, lace and sheer dresses

JUST CAVALLI: season of the cocktail dress! ...loving these mini's and cyper patterns 

PUCCI: mix of everything in here; long sleeved mini dresses, sequins, one-shoulder dress, 80's pattern, sculpted shoulders, fringe, neutral shoes, sheer silk, classic crisp whites and hot pants (leopard at that!)