Saturday, 26 September 2009

updating the fall wardrobe

My 5 favourite fall trends:
-black studded leather bomber jacket
-leather leggings
-ankle hardware booties (with buckles)
-long-sleeved mini-dress
-military style jacket/vest

...I'm currently loving that biker chic look but obviously mix & match pieces...never wear all these items together or you'll look too bad ass!

Trends I adore on the runway but aren't as wearable:
-super high sculpted shoulders
-thigh-high boots

After examining my closet here are some essentials I need for Manchester weather:
-some chunky coloured knits
-a warmer tweed jacket
-more scarfs for layering
-probably some hunter rain boots (or wellies as they call them here)

Some current things I'm liking in my closet:
-my chain strap purses
-my chunky chokers
-my sequined dress
-my flowered tights

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