Tuesday, 29 September 2009

the september issue

skinny black hairband: ?, my thick side messy braid (trying out the wang), assortment of gold & black bangles: H&M/Primark, gold rings: gr.8 grad ring/H&M, purple ring: F21, oversize jean "boyfriend" shirt: silence + noise, layering shirts-> black tank: H&M, light yellow tank: abercrombie, lace top: kismet, flowered high waisted shorts: urban outfitters, sheer black tights

SO I think I like listening to my teachers here more...because they all have the English accents of course! We had classes from 9 till 5 today (with a break in between) on research methods and fashion business, so studying things like globalised supply chains and retail rankings. They make it really interesting with examples of UK retail companies, such as Marks & Spencer.

One of the highlights of Dr. Redfern's class ("he's lovely" as laura would say in her Irish accent) would be him talking about the new VOGUE trends including velvet, charcoal colours, 60's cuts, leather, 80's glam/shoulder pads, and teal blue as the new black.

FYI: Anna Wintour "The September Issue"
---gotta see it!

After lectures were over Cassie, Lucy and I went into Piccadilly Gardens to get a few things in the shops and headed to the vintage sale event @ no angel ltd. where they were giving us cupcakes and champagne and I found just what I was looking for!!!

Day off school tomorrow...gonna run some errands and then brush up on my fashion reading!