Thursday, 24 September 2009

fresh fest

"SKULL IT" -Danielle
(aussie word; meaning finish your drink; or as we call "CHUG IT")

Last night turned out to be a crazy night! Went over to Danielle's to see her place...and her new items from her shopping spree at Primark...and so we could head together to the usual big predrink with the gang (we basically live there) in the Cambridge halls. Got sooo lost trying to find Danielle's street and ended up walking around in heels for ages just to take a 1 minute cab in the end but that's a whole different story...Perry's friends came down to visit. We took our sweet time pre-ing and went to the student union bar and then another bar and proceeded to have a post jam back at their hall till 5 AM...

Oxford Rd was sooo packed today- students everywhere and flyers being passed out like mad cause of the fresher fairs going on at both Universities (kinda like MAC's clubsfest except there are sooo many nightclub promoters that hand out stuff ALL the time). It's so crazy that Man Uni and MMU's main campus' are only a block away from each other! Makes it always such a happening area!

I am still dying right now...but I'm impressed with all the errands I managed to get accomplished this aft. I've barely been home. It's Thursday so of course we have to go out again! All I can say is that the Brits like to drink!!!! May as well take advantage of going out as much as we can before the school work starts up right? I think I just need to take a nap first...

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