Sunday, 27 September 2009

guilty pleasures

Went shopping today in the city center...bought some great pieces at Urban Outfitters and Primark (of course)! I want some things in one of the vintage shops but they're having a 25% off sale on Tues from 6-9 PM so i'll hold off till then.

Here are some window displays that caught my eye/some UK stores I'm currently liking:

HARVEY NICHOLS- a department store and definitely the highest market of all the deptartment shops on high street...even the name sends a rush through me! I fell in love just looking at the colourful window displays. To be honest, I didn't even go inside because I knew it would be too tempting to buy one of the beautiful things in here.

ALL SAINTS- one of the coolest store window displays...with a collection of old sewing machines behind the glass! This store sticks with neutral and darker colours (no bright patterns or anything really) giving it a much darker, edgy, grudgy feel. There's lot of chunky knits, leather purses, scarfs, cotton shirts but with a funky cut to them, clunky boots and choker necklaces at the back. A bit of the pricey side but I love its stuff nonetheless.

TOPSHOP- gotta love this place! I seriously could buy out the entire store if I wasn't a poor masters student...They have the most amazing sequined dresses in, some really hot tops, nice blazers/jackets, vintage-inspired tops (and an actual vintage section)...not to mention the greatest accessories and shoes- but it's overpriced for what it is a lot of the time- I'm still doing that double the £'s into $'s thing! But I like looking even just for inspiration, the whole place screams Kate Moss's style, no wonder she has a line for them! Wasn't too, too impressed with the Christopher Kane stuff though (other than some killer platforms), there wasn't much and it all kinda looked the same.

RIVER ISLAND- the window display caught my attention and they have some cute pieces in here. I remember the one in London too when I visited 2 years ago (I picked up a long cami with small buttons at the top)- they have a lot of good accessories too. Prices are moderate, not as much as Top Shop, but then again I don't think the style of the pieces are as nice either so I'd rather spend that extra bit more!

LIPSEY LONDON- ahh the cutest dresses in here! We carried a few of their dresses in Mendocino and always sold out of them so fast. Any time you need a great cocktail dress, birthday dress, semi dress, have an event coming up or even just want to look really hot for a night out check out this place. They also carry a few jackets, nice tops, skirts etc. The prices aren't bad (especially for a nice dress!) ranging from £50-150.

On another note, tomorrow is my first day of fashion marketing, strategic fashion buying and clothing product development classes (official classes now I don't even know?) but I start at 9am (until 5?) and I still don't really know what to expect...but that is expected right?! haha I will keep you posted on how it all goes. We have Wednesdays and Fridays off so the fashion girls (plus hopefully our amazing gay fashion friend, Ray!) are going to plan a night out for either Tues or Thurs this week!

Also, my friends from home have been asking me to post pictures so I made a facebook album with some of my adventures so give everyone a more visual sense of what I've been up to haha!

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