Friday, 13 November 2009

rain rain go away

OK so one thing I could do without in Manchester is all the rain!!!!

Doing my marketing project on Levi's is proving to be a little bit more of a challenge in applying the theories- although there is plenty of history on them- they aren't as popular recently making it harder to conduct a situational analysis. Everyone else is doing Zara or H & M but I wanted to pick something a little different...speaking of which...

Fellow fashionista's tomorrow is the day we've all been anxiously waiting for!


That's right, unless you've been living under a rock for months and months, you'll know that Jimmy Choo is the latest designer teaming up with H & M to design a line of clothing, accessories, handbags and of course shoeeeees - following suit to fellow big names Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli and Matthew Williamson.

At select stores around the globe Choo's line will officially launch to the public!

LIKING: studded black mini dress, big leather purses

Like #1, #4, #6 and #7
Not a fan of the long cut open black dress and long fringes

She is modeling some of my favourite items I've seen in this little preview.

What is everyone else's fav look??? Are you all getting up early and waiting in line to get first pick?

This weekend seems to be the time for friends to visit- both my roommates have their friends from home here! I get to join them tomorrow too because my friend from Canada (who goes to Oxford) is coming too! YAY!!!!


  1. I work in retail selling denim-Levi's is one of the brands we sell. Market who buy has changed, older-loyal-trust brand, but they are trying to attract youth market with relaunch of 501's and youth orientated imagery. It's a tough sell when other brands are just cooler, ya know?

  2. jimmy choo for H&M is amazing, but I didn't go! I hope you grabbed something nice for yourself :)


  3. Thanks fashion westie!
    I totally agree about Levi's -they've tried to revamp their image but with other, newer jean companies like Rock and Republic, J-Brand and Citizens popular with celebs and the younger market it's hard to compete.

    As for H&M I managed to get my hands on a full-piece black jumpsuit- it was absolute mayhem in the store though and I didn't even get near the accessories :( Wasn't too impressed with the shoes anyways.
    Tried on a bunch of other items but I was really disappointed with the fit!
    But at least I got my jumpsuit!! Had to wait around for ages, stalking other customers and sales associates who might put the item back on the floor until I finally found it in my size haha!

  4. Wow,great looks!Oh I saw that jumpsuit that you bought-BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. aw god! was it really awfully big???? I ordered the small one as well, I just clicked the first thing I saw cause the website was packed and I didnt want it to end up without it..
    How tall are you tho??? cause I am 1.80. mayne it will fit better??? otherwise I will have to fix it with my sewing machine I guess..

    Was it that bad???

    Andy from

  6. I wanted the black studded dress but it was sold out :( I bought 4 pairs of shoes!!!