Wednesday, 4 November 2009

dam dam dam!

Outfit pics from my Louis Vuitton presentation last week (the girls and I dressed all chic in black and creams for it)

Found out (officially) going to Florida with the fam for Christmas!
We lived in the library all day.
Did errands for the dam tomorrow.
Made cupcakes for Lucy (and Hannah's) bday for the bus ride. (I know, turning into quite the baker!)
Still need to PACK.
Still need to decorate the cupcakes.
Still need to skype with my parents.
Don't know how I even have the time to post this blog right now.
It's 10 PM here.

Leaving right after class at 5 tomorrow for the student trip to AMSTERDAM!!!!!!! 5 of my girl friends are going and we're all in the same room together and I'm beyond pumped!

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