Wednesday, 11 November 2009

always catching my eye

...been too busy with school and shopping and meetings and errands and skyping to blog lately!

But here's the update on my weekend trip in a nutshell:

Where to even was absolutely amazing, just crazyyyy, and so much fun! Way too many funny stories and good times were had. Took a long but exciting bus ride overnight through Dover and Cali (on the ferry) and then drove through France, Belgium and into Holland! We definitely made the most of our time there once we finally arrived! Managed to see all of the city- the pretty canals, the main squares, the red light district, sex shops, tourist shops, coffee shops, shopping and went to the sex museum, torture museum, Anne Frank house and the I amsterdam sign! So we were productive and yet had an absolute blast out on the nights (like the 6-bar red light pub crawl starting at 7:30 on Saturday)! It was freezing cold and rainy for the most part so we really had to bundle up. Even with the weather I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the city! I think in warmer weather I would do a bike tour and canal boat tour of the city as well- next time cause I definitely want to go back!! Devastated that my battery and memory stick somehow fell out of my camera and so I lost all of my pictures from the weekend. Could be worse right??! At least some of the girls had camera's too but there really is nothing like your own pictures! Hannah- "Is it too early to joke about that?"...That little unfortunate bit of luck aside, I can't help but smile when I look back at all the great memories, laughs and love life moments from the weekend and know that is is one trip I will never, ever forget!

Selection of photos: credit to Danielle

Had another fun night out with the dam girls at tiger tiger on Monday (wore my amazing new sequined harem pants), have the MSc programme committeee meeting today (as a student rep we have to attend and bring all of our course feedback from the students) and tomorrow evening is the Manchester Christmas lights switch on and Alexandra Burke (last year's X-factor winner and singer of the catchy single 'bad boys') in the city center! Then I realllllly need to dedicate my weekend to study!

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  1. Great shots, looks like you had a lot of fun! ;)