Thursday, 26 November 2009

on the brain

I've started organizing a MSc charity fashion show. Got the theme and a team! Still need to decide on a good charity and secure a venue for next term but we're on the right track with positions assigned. I'm excited- it's going to be fun!!

4 term papers (fashion technology, marketing, business and finance) and selecting my dissertation topic to finish before the holidays. The question is can I do it?! Well I actually HAVE to submit the technology paper and a few proposals in December. But there's just no way I can write term papers over the holidays in Florida and then back home in Canada where I'm going to have so many things to do and people to see! So it's going to be work hard, play hard for the next month till I go home...OK, maybe more of just the work part starting soon.

BUT I have to share my current favourite places to go out in Manchester:

1) tiger tiger in printworks on a monday

2) queen of hearts (tarts) in fallowfield on a saturday
and now 3) canal street on a wednesday! had the most amazing love life night, dancing and singing the night away at my first gay bar experience (complete with drag queens and a cabaret show!)

It's John's much-anticipated birthday night out tomorrow. Making the usual cupcakes and dressing 'smart' (Lucy's British terminology) ...meaning I can finally wear my new Jimmy Choo jumpsuit!  Then I'm seeing my very first proper football match on Saturday- Man City vs. Hull- so don't worry Daddy (and Jordan) I'll still save a Manchester United game for when you come to visit!

You know when you take a step back and look at your life and wonder where you would be if you just made one different decision? Your entire life path could change. Life is crazy like that. But then I also think there's destiny and that everything happens for a reason. For me, things would be completely different right now and I wouldn't have all these amazing new experiences and friends. All I can say is applying for this program was definitely what I was meant to do and I'm so glad I ultimately made the decision to come here. Now I can't even imagine not...