Thursday, 15 April 2010

day to night

Day trip to LAKE COMO- where George Clooney has a house and I'm not surprised why...half an hr train ride from Milan and we're in paradise! I know, I know the backdrop behind me looks fake! But it's not. Cute Italian homes/restaurants on the water/shops/gelato cafes, lake, mountains, alps, peaceful, perfect weather...what more could you ask for?

blazer: zara, scarf: marc jacobs, side purse: coach, jumpsuit: urban outfitters, leggings: ?, sandals: italian leather (market in milan)

peace earrings and flowered ring: LA

Eating the most delicious banana and dark chocolate gelato! I'm just a little bit obsessed with Italian ice cream -so yummy!

Taking my sherbet jumpsuit to a night out in Milano: 
simply put the hair down, add a belt, a dressier purse and jacket and heels and voilĂ !