Tuesday, 9 March 2010

the lovely edinburgh

Edinburgh is very NORTHERN UK so just had to opt for the warmest items of clothing I had here, maybe not the most fashion-forward, but definitely practical! So I did what I can with my 'Canadian' inspired gear, my long Olympic TNA jacket from Aritzia and some UGG boats...ACCESSORIZE! That is belted it with a studded vintage belt and wet look leggings and then put it with a vintage scarf and big earrings. Made it more ME. The wind made my hair go crazy this weekend!

 What I predicted and more. SUCH a beautiful city!!! We did lots of cliff climbing (worth it for the views!), site seeing, the queens castle (of course), went on a really fun pub crawl and went to this famous dr and mr hyde pub for food. Overall just another amazing weekend trip! 

FYI: So sorry for the delay in my updating, my macbook crashed a week ago so I've been having technical difficulties trying to sort that out! (you wouldn't believe how many problems I've had with it over the last 2 years!) Imagine life without a computer (makes it hard to do school work/NO new TV shows/movies/internet/skype/facebook...list goes on!) Makes you really realize how much we rely on technology today. Especially difficult when I'm not in my home country.  I would die if I didn't have my blackberry or it'd be zero contact with the outside world!


Love my Laura's -Laura Canada (LC) + Laura America (LA)

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